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August 22

“Why Does It Need A Label?”

In a February 2010 interview with The Sunday Times, Goldfrapp confirmed she was dating film editor Lisa Gunning, but rejected being defined as a lesbian, saying, “I think of everything as being about a person and a relationship, and I am in a wonderful relationship with a wonderful person. It just happens to be with a […]

August 21

A Whole Year Of Jessie!

Dear Jessie, I read your facebook post about how much fun you had since Devotion was released. So I thought: How about I show you what a wonderful year it’s been for me, watching you perform and have fun! Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and other social media gave me the chance to get an inside look […]

August 15

Patti Smith: Advice To The Young

Interview by Christian Lund, the Louisiana Literature festival August 24, 2012, at the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art. “Build a good name. Keep your name clean. Don’t make compromises, don’t worry about making a bunch of money or being successful. Be concerned about doing good work. Protect your work and if you build a good […]

August 09

Don’t Hesitate To Say “I Love You”

don’t hesitate to say “i love you” ever. writes bassist/songwriter/vocalist Stephen Bruner, aka Thundercat, in a recent tweet. well you should listen to him considering he made so much songs about love  ❤

August 06

Quote From Satan Himself!

“If his creation is so great, why does God want us on our knees?” Lars Von Trier


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