Young Galaxy – Pretty Boy (Peaking Lights Remix)

Title: Pretty Boy (Peaking Lights Remix)

Artist: Young Galaxy

Album: Pretty Boy

Year: 2013

Genre: Electronic Indie, Dream Pop, New Wave, Psychedelic Pop

“Pretty Boy” by Young Galaxy is an us-against-the-world sing with lines such as “When we were lost we found each other” and “We were each other’s only family.” It’s romantic, nostalgic and has a British new wave pop feel to it; so what more does it need? It’s good but Peaking Lights‘ shiny sparkling remix raises it up to a whole different level of romantic. Giving it a few extra layers of percussion and stretching the track and extending the jammy sequenced sections to provide a huge injection of drama. The line “I know you feel isolated” is given special emphasis in the final third, repeating a few times as the impossibly dramatic synths swirl around it, as if trying to escape from the feeling.