Rhye – Open (Jeff Samuel Faded Remix)

Title: Open (Jeff Samuel Faded Remix)

Artist: Rhye

Album: Open (Remixes)

Year: 2013

Genre: Electronic, House, Dance, Nu Disco, Funk

Quiet storm duo Rhye‘s music has proven to be very good material. There are remixes by SOHNRyan HemsworthMK and of course (as you may have already seen above) Jeff Samuel. Maybe it’s the fact that their music is clearly and softly constructed, with basic elements, making it easy for other producers to surround their music with their own constructions. And also Rhye vocalist Mike Milosh has a magical voice that bring out the best in other producers.

Jeff Samuel took the portion of the chorus that includes the word “Faded”, hence the title, and turned it into a never-ending dizzying loop of a house lover’s dream. This 8 minute re-do of the song has a beautiful house structure that feels as though its dancing around Milosh’s gorgeous voice.