Banks – This Is What It Feels Like

Title: This Is What It Feels Like

Artist: Banks

Album: London EP

Year: 2013

Genre: Contemporary R&B,  Electronic, Post-Dubstep, Modern R&B

When opening for The Weeknd, all in all, they make a pretty good couple. She, with her seductiveness and her hurt voice; and him, with his damaged masculinity and never-unsatisfied sex drive. Their songs run through a similar aesthetic vein, so Banks‘ sultry and warm vocals offer a welcome contrast within these blown-out, bleak and beautiful mood pieces. “This Is What It Feels Like” is the second single from her upcoming London EP (out September 10 via Harvest/Good Years), which honors its title by outsourcing its production duties to Londoners Lil Silva and Jamie Woon. Surrounding her ever-immersive vocals with resounding bass and clicky synths, reminding you slightly of that nocturnal Jamie Woon vibe and at the same time a garage-y sort of Lil Silva tone.