Arcade Fire – Reflektor

Title: Reflektor

Artist: Arcade Fire

Album: Reflektor

Year: 2013

Genre: Indie Rock

Well, after all this teasing they’ve done I’m glad I’m able to say: No, Arcade Fire are not losing their edge. You might have listened to these guys talk and sing about religion, corruption, death and other morally-concerned topics. This is not the case here. They’re not looking to overstuff this with pretentious art rock rather than show you your own preconception through a mirror if you will.

Here, they care about being and acting cool as much as Superman does, (which is nothing). They have an idea. A belief that their music should be timeless. So when they said that they wanted to make the album feel more discoey I was a bit worried to say the truth. But, they’ve managed to create this dark, but still ambitious disco tune that doesn’t seem to belong in any period! 60’s, 70’s, 80’s or 90’s!

The dancier part isn’t necessarily true, they’ve done that a bit before on The SuburbsThis is very similar to Daft Punk and “Get Lucky”. A band that’s constantly trying to show people how to have fun and give life back to music, and sharing it with others in the process.