My Bloody Valentine – Only Tomorrow

Title: Only Tomorrow

Artist: My Bloody Valentine

Album: MBV

Year: 2013

Genre: Rock, Shoegazing

This record is different from their two other releases (well of course it is it’s been 21 years since Loveless!). The second track from the album is “Only Tomorrow” which features My Bloody Valentine being more humane than their prior stuff. The anthemic and catchy guitar lead that takes nearly two minutes up to the point where Kevin Shields‘ guitar starts mirroring the albums retro-futurist cover. “Only Tomorrow” is a display of them being not quite shoegaze. That is something, counting all the shoegazeing imitators that came up throughout the 21 years of their absence. You’d think that My Bloody Valentine would be allowed to sound like My Bloody Valentine but no. They chose to be themselves (and someone else at the same time).