Fiona Apple’s Statement On Tokyo “Meltdown”



Last week, during a performance at a Louis Vuitton event in Tokyo, Fiona Apple got fed up with a chatty audience, cursed the crowd, and stormed off stage. What we didn’t know then though, was that she finished her set, which of course is important to know. Apple made a statement about the show in an email to a friend of hers, Roots drummer and bandleader ?uestlove, who proceeded to then post the statement online.

if it wouldn’t be too much trouble, if you could tweet to the twits who call themselves journalists(example Chris Martins of sit-and-Spin Magazine) that I FINISHED MY SET!!! I did my job, and they should do theirs too–They all miss the fact that there is a difference between the back-of-the-room-chatter that is simply annoying,–and the operatic drunken blather, or the heckling that is really just INTERRUPTING that makes it impossible for us to do our jobs. I hope your readers are already hip to the fact that they are consistently lied to… no apologies. -Fiona.