Blue Hawaii – Try to Be

Title: Try to Be

Artist: Blue Hawaii

Album: Untogether

Year: 2013

Genre: Ambient, Ethereal Wave, Dream Pop, Future-Pop

I like a group that’s true to its name. In this case, Montreal duo Blue Hawaii, through their tropically infused songs always find a way to bring me warmth. This song’s vibe is chill, sleaky and feels like the sun is going down. Starting with a soft guitar loop and continuing with Raph Standell-Preston’s light vocals (who also happens to be the lead singer in the band Braids), but the track seems to build up as bandmate Agor (aka Alexander Cowan) chops and rearranges the track’s elements. This was the first track I ever heard of Blue Hawaii. Fitting too because of its chorus is a statement of purpose: Standell-Preston sings, “May as well just be me.”