Youth Lagoon – Dropla

Title: Dropla

Artist: Youth Lagoon

Album: Wondrous Bughouse

Year: 2013

Genre: Indie Rock, Dream Pop

“Dropla” is the first single from Wondrous Bughouse. Though Trevor Powers’ voice doesn’t have that ghostly echoey feeling it usually does it’s as tender as ever. “I reach my arm across the bed and hold your hand,” he sings before noting that somebody’s out to seize their land. Its purpose is to make the central phase even more scary. “You’ll never die,” sings Powers over and over again, sounding assertively fragile. As he goes on repeating it its uncertain whether he’s wishing or promising it.

Instead of climaxing, the songs ending delivers a soft aesthetic outro, finishing with an acoustic instrument that which was sitting quietly in the background and emerges only now.

“Dropla” Live: