Doldrums – Anomaly

Title: Anomaly

Artist: Doldrums

Album: Lesser Evil

Year: 2013

Genre: Indie, Psychedelic Pop, Electronic

First of all this is one of those track that’s fits perfectly with its title. That’s also true about Doldrums in general. All his songs are of a very strange structure with fluctuating bass and he always seems to add extra beats here and there. It feels like a sonic puzzle of mismatches until you understand that it fits in 3D. Its meant to deconstruct and built into something else from beginning to end. This is quite an intruiging track as it embodies three things happening currently in music. The tensions between pop and formality, the order between computer programming and music and the artistic tendencies and impulses of pop enthusiasts in Montreal and Canada in general (Grimes, Pictureplane etc.).

Get to the soundcloud page and download here.