Neo Boys – Give Me the Message

Title: Give Me the Message

Artist: Neo Boys

Album: Sooner or Later

Year: 2013 (1977-82)

Genre: Indie Rock, Lo-Fi, Post Punk

K Records founder Calvin Johnson is a professional advocate of underground punk and new wave. If you’ve seen him at some point over the past few years, you may have come acrossone of his cassette mixtapes— mini treasure troves of obscure sound from Jamaican dub to overlooked 60s girl groups and more. One of these tapes, “Lost Girls 1977-82″, highlighted a subtly political gem from Neo Boys, a punk band from Portland, Oregon formed around the same time (1978) as the likeminded Slits and Raincoats did in London.

That 7” featured “Give Me the Message”, on which singer Kim Kincaid sounds like Patti Smith fronting a scrappier group with lo-fi abandon and direct lyrics. “This is no joke/ It’s reality,” Kincaid sings, reflecting on anger and frustration. (Her sister, Kt Kincaid, played bass, alongside guitarists Jennifer Labianco and Meg Hengtes and drummer Pat Baum.)