Justin Timberlake – Suit & Tie (feat. Jay Z)

Title: Suit & Tie (feat. Jay Z)

Artist: Justin Timberlake

Album: The 20/20 Experience

Year: 2013

Genre: Modern R&B, Neo Soul

Timberlake, excellent as always, is looking backwards in the 1970s, reinventing an old sound and style. As bubbly as champagne, Timbaland creates a beat out of a marimba roll and harp glissando, that Marvin Gaye left behind, and Justin Timberlake colorizes it with his beautiful, effortless falsetto. “Let me show you a few things,” he sings by way of seduction. While “Suit & Tie” and Timberlake’s singing reminds me of a wedding reception, here comes Jay Z to crash that wedding with a slowed down obligatory rap verse. Hard-hitting, mixxy and matchable even with its hard tempo changes throughout the song. The video might not be up to catching the song’s slinky vibe though.