Death Grips – Birds

Title: Birds

Artist: Death Grips

Album: Free Download

Year: 2013

Genre: Experimental Hip Hop

I think a free download was due to arrive since they did not. And by that I mean them being a no show in all their previous gigs. What’s amazing about this song is it’s surreal lyrics that keep burrowing and borrowing more and more in MC Ride’s mind until they are nothing but half considered and not-yet-completed thoughts. “I’ve got a black hat/ It might live,” he half-murmurs, half-slurs. “It’s got a black hat/ It goes big.”

He sounds tired, defeated and a little drunk, shouting stupid and quite vague threats at walls. “One bird, two birds, three birds, four/ Fuck you think I fuck this for.” This abstract build on the lyrics fits perfectly onto the songs similar avante-garde structure. They keep pushing this song to the limit until you say to yourself: “How does this keep going? Are they still alive?” Although i love The Money Store to its fucking core i think this song is a return to their roots on their first mixtape Exmilitary where they didn’t have to compromise to their major label “masters” and commercialism.

Download below: