Volcano Choir – Comrade

Title: Comrade

Artist: Volcano Choir

Album: Repave

Year: 2013

Genre: Indie, Dream Pop, Ambient, Post-Rock

Justin Vernon has worked very hard to prove he’s having too much fun with his friends to work on a third Bon Iver album, and the new Volcano Choir album, Reprave (out out September 3 in the U.S. and September 2 internationally via Jagjaguwar), drives that point home.

“Skinny Love” abetted many a small screen drama, “Beth/Rest’ was an unearthed soundtrack to a cinematic first kiss in 1987, and “Comrade” gets crystal clear and modern, widescreen and HD, using verdant, arena-ready power balladry as a jumping off point rather than a logical extreme. You can still call it “post-rock”, as CoCoB weave together offbeat guitar frills and piano lines into a perfectly aligned latticework, while Vernon susses out stray lines in a lower register. The chorus, though, that’s rock, a torrent of drum rolls, frantic ivories and Vernon leaping to a falsetto, carried upward by a surge of reverb. Ian Cohen, Pitchfork.